Angry Squirrel

Like many people I love a cup of coffee, whether pre training or in the afternoon with some of my teammates. Good coffee is hard to find, so when I was approached by The House of Coffee to create something that tasted great, but also utilised the benefits of a good caffeine shot, I had to say yes.

So with the help from The House of Coffee, I am able to deliver specialist gourmet coffees from my original range 'Angry Squirrel' - coffee that will not only hit the spot but can really get you ready for action!

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I have been training professionally since the age of 16 when I first decided I wanted to change my physique and mindset about training and developing my body. In the ensuing period I have had the opportunity to work with some truly great trainers; to learn about conditioning, the importance of nutrition but above all, how to train well and most importantly, how to train smart.

I want to share this knowledge of training with you. The rights, wrongs, the do's and don'ts. This introductory course has been designed to cater for anyone, be they rugby fans, rugby players,'gym bunnies' or just people looking for somewhere to start. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, the one lesson I have learnt is you can always improve and there are always new techniques and styles to try.

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